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From: Bob

Date: Tuesday - 8:30 am

Why is it important? There are tens of thousands of people who are interested in getting into better physical health, but are afraid or feel uncomfortable about going to a gym. This is certainly understandable, especially if a person is self-conscious about being overweight, or maybe is just plain shy.

I hated to be around people, especially when I wanted to work out and it was always so busy that I had to wait in line. I also hated to think that people were watching me.

With people standing there waiting to get on the equipment, they often stare at you hoping that you WILL be uncomfortable and leave sooner so that they can use the stuff. However, I still needed, and wanted to, workout.  I knew that there just had to be a better way.

So, you think you've heard it all? So did I until . . .

As a former collegiate gymnast, and then a personal trainer, I saw that this was not a problem for just myself, but also for many people who would just rather work out at home. Many of my clients dropped out because they were uncomfortable with the crowds of people at the gym, and the uncomfortable feelings that come with being watched. The gym actually had to put up posters asking their clientele not to stare at other clients while working out - UGH!

So, what do we do? We go and buy a video that shows us how to "Dance our way to fitness", or teaches "Fitness With Pilates", and then there are the "Buns of Steel" group of videos. What's the matter with videos? They take too much time, most people don't keep it up, and if a person does try to use them regularly, it gets boring because it's the same thing over and over. We go for walks, but what do we do when it rains?

We also buy from those television infomercials that promise "Super Cut Abs", or the "Simple, easy to store, maximum body fitness, aerobic friendly, Muscle Max Machine". Great, right? Wrong! We use these machines for only a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but then all they do is pick up dust and take up space in our closets or basements.

With my gymnastics and personal training background I kept thinking that there must be a solution.

Then it hit me. . .
Introducing: "15 Minute Fitness"

In just 15 minutes a day, you can tone, trim, and firm up with these simple, easy-to-follow sets of exercises. Most of these exercises are fairly basic (with a twist), but have some modifications so that they can be adjusted to your fitness level. As you get stronger, you simply adjust how you are doing the exercise - THUS, No More Boredom!

Whether you have a lot of workout experience, or no workout experience, you will love doing these exercises. Even if you can't do a push up - I show you how. Sit-ups a chore? There is a better way. These exercises are illustrated so that you know exactly how each exercise is done. You will easily be able to begin a workout routine at home that will take up very little of your time, requires no special equipment or tools, and it will take your muscles from floppy to firm in just a few weeks. 15fittext

In addition, you will also get not one,
"Instant Mind Motivation for Weight Loss"

(3 best ways to maintain your motivation and attain goals.)

             BONUS 2: Bonus Exercises - "Super Toning Without Weights"

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