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Everyone understands that your weight and your health can be
seriously affected by sleepless nights, stress, and
being overweight.

These can also lead to heart related problems.
Just because you know and understand something, does
not mean that you can always conquer the problem.

If you smoke, then you are always aware
of the health risks, but quitting is another matter.

If you know that you overeat, then you know
that the obvious is to cut back on the calories, and watch
what you eat. As most of us know it is easier said than done.

Just because it is something that is not easy, does not
mean that we should not continue to keep trying. The more that
you do something, the better you become at that task.


Reducing stress and maximizing your health go hand in hand.
Just as overeating can cause heart problems, If you find yourself
getting upset at every little thing that does not
go as you think that it should, then your are setting yourself up to
be at risk for heart attacks, strokes, and other related aliments.


Okay, this is where there is a lot of controversy. I am not going to
attempt to second guess any of you nutritionists out there, but I do
know that eating veggies and drinking water to stay hydrated are not
things that are bad for your health (that I will argue about).
Most of us know how to eat and gain weight. We also know how to
eat to lose weight. How many of your have never been on a diet?
So, not it is just a matter of sticking to a diet that you can
live with, don't get too carried away by its rules, but stick
with it long-term for a successful weight loss program.
As a personal trainer, the one thing that I know to be fact, is
that the most common reason why you don't reach a goal is that
you quit too soon. You may have lost weight, then gained it back.
That is common, and most people do.
What would happen if you reached your goal, but stuck with that
diet in moderation, got a little more exercise (which is easier now),
and continued to eat everything that you liked, but now you have
more self-control, so you eat in moderation?
You would keep the weight down, and maximize your health at the
same time.


Here there is not much to say. You are likely one of those people who tries
to get as much done as possible, and if you have younger children, then you
also find that you sacrifice sleep time for their care.
Getting sufficient sleep has been shown, in several studies, to improve
your ability to lose weight - and keep it off. Even those little "Cat Naps"
can help.

The flip side is that if you just don't feel like doing something because
it isn't to your liking, or takes too much energy, then this, of course,
borders on being lazy, and you certainly don't want to be known for that.

The answer? Get busy.

Want to lose weight? Eat less, and move more. I get that question
all of the time, and give that answer all of the time.

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